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Boom Beach Tips

  • You get to keep your surviving troops each battle unlike Clash of Clans
  • You get to guide where you want your troops to attack thanks to Flare
  • You can only build or upgrade 1 building at any given time
  • Protect your towers by using Residence/Sawmill as “meat shields” so your towers can get more shots at the enemy
  • Always check the Archipelago to get potential free Treasure Chests that contains gems.


  1. Is there a way to get around spending so much $ on gems?

    • You will just have to wait for building timers if you don’t want to spend gems.

    • LOL, that is the point of these timing games. They want you to spend. Don’t worry these games never end. They just keep adding levels. Just be patient. Or play 2 or 3 other games like these so they can all keep you busy enough where you don’t just stare at the clock for one game

      • Seriously, this game was made for no other purpose than to entice you to spend money. I’ve been playing on computers and playing RTS games since Age of Empires and Command & Conquer and earlier. There is absolutely no logical reason to make players wait 6+ hours to upgrade a single building other than to tempt you to want to speed up the process by buying gems. You could spend $100 on gems and still be nowhere near having a fully functioning, upgraded army and base, and only be at around level 26-27 at the most.

  2. Hey guys, I was just hoping that you could check out my Boom Beach Game YouTube channel. Thanks a lot guys!

  3. if you upgrade your Residence, I know they produce more Gold, but do they reduce or affect in anyway the building time that villagers need to do a task ?

  4. For what do i Need the diamonds ??? Are there any buildings you have to Pay with them ???
    Please answer

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